Why choose an elastic wrap?

Most of the future moms are already looking for a way of nurturing and caring for their future newborn baby during pregnancy. These concerns include the choice of carrying a baby. Wrap, as one of the options, is gaining popularity nowadays. But how to choose the best one? There is a very rich offer on the Internet, either from the point of view of size, material, or the way of tying, and such a wrap "beginner" has just a tangled head.

The basic question when choosing a wrap should be whether to get an elastic or woven wrap? They both have their undeniable advantages.

The elastic wrap stands out for its simplicity of binding, so even a beginner can tie it easily. The choice is also facilitated by the fact that the elastic wrap has one size that fits both a strong man and small mums. An undeniable advantage is its lightweight and breathable material, so the body's body contact is more comfortable for both the newborn and the wearer. Elastic kidnapped even a one-year-old baby, but for the ideal comfort it is designed for the first months of 6-9 months (much depends on the weight of the baby).

Hard (woven) wrap has an advantage in its carrying capacity. Thanks to its fortress, it can carry a relatively large child. If you choose a new one for this wrap, it is important to keep in mind that it should be "worn" so that the harness is firmly held and the child is not allowed. Many budding mothers may discourage tying. When tying a woven wrap it is necessary to bind it with the child. Many mothers may be afraid that their baby will not fall out of their bindings. It just takes a little practice. The woven wrap can be delivered in several sizes, which can also be confusing for the beginner.

Which one to decide for?

For beginners and newborns, an elastic wrap, which is easy to tie forward, is definitely more appropriate - you will first consider the wrap and then put the baby in. This also combines a very practical feature of an elastic wrap, namely the multiple usability of one harness. With a doctor, you just have to pull the baby out and return it back to check. You don't have to tame anything, which saves a lot of time, but also your nerves. Especially if you are starting a dressing. And if you prefer lightweight, breathable material, you will definitely appreciate the elastic wrap, which is also suitable in the summer months.

It is important to think about how long you are planning to wear your baby. Namely, in the early days when the child is not going, the wraping is of the utmost importance for both mothers and babies. For them, this poses undeniable benefits, both psychically and physically mainly in the so-called fourth trimester. The wear rate in the first months can therefore be significantly higher than in the later age when the baby is walking alone and is already quite heavy for long wear.

Need advice on choosing a wrap? Or share with us your experience with one or the other wrap? Feel free to write to us in the comments. We are interested in your feedback.