The fabric, our baby wraps are knitted of, is carefully made in Czechia of certified Lenzing Modal fibers. It is bio-based material that comes from sustainably harvested beech trees and it is exceptionally ecological. It is four times more breathable than cotton, soft as silk and incredibly strong. Modal is super soft and it holds dye easily, so the colours will stay vibrant even after many washes.

ECO - Label

Lenzing Modal® is made from pure beech cellulose, so it is 100 % is natural. The cellulose produced in Austrian company Lenzing, comes from domestic forests, from local beech trees. The process of fiber and cellulose production is controlled according to the principle of renewable resources. Therefore, the chemicals and by-products produced during the production process are used again.

The Lenzing company acquired for Modal material European ECO-Label, which means that no toxic additives or chlorine and wood are used for production from local, permanently restored forest stands.